Sony prepares its 70h battery & OLED rivals to the iPod Shuffle

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  For those  who want a disposable lighter sized MP3 player but don't want to compromise on  the iPod shuffle's lack of a screen, Sony has released their iPod  shuffle 'Killer'...
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No one seems to be commenting about Sony’s new lineup but I am impressed. Their whole new lineup is cheap and lasts 70 hours! The new minidiscs are to drool over!

Yup, at least the manufacturers are competitng on battery life as it was just a few days ago that iRiver announced its leading 60 hour battery life. Oops :stuck_out_tongue: When I got my player 2 years ago, I avoided anything that said it had its own rechargable lithium ion/polymer battery as the last thing I wanted to happen was to have a flat battery midway through a trip. Now with this and the new iRiver’s it looks like the chance of one ending up in silence is the same chance as their mobile phone’s battery becoming low, with the exception that their player is not left on 24 hours a day like a mobile :wink: