Sony posts first profits in 5 years - but not because they do well

Sony posts first profits in 5 years - but not because they do well.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Electronics giant Sony reports  it's first profit in 5 years, boosted by the sales of offices and a weak Yen. 

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Selling your house, and living in a box under a bridge, while proclaiming that business is great is not gonna cut it.

Sony are circling the drain hole, and everyone knows it.
Perhaps Sony should start listening to their customers, and shrug off the the “sod you” attitude they’ve been wearing for the last ten years.

I am waiting for them to go down the drain

May all their holdings be freely pirated.

[QUOTE=samlar;2687391]I am waiting for them to go down the drain[/QUOTE]

Same here, they have been on my S%&*^ list for years. I have no sympathy with them, they deserve all they get.

Sony’s agents were all over the SxSW Festival here in Feb-March - as always. They made splashes by signing newbie artists for the most amount of money - which, in the music industry, means, “The longest, most vile amount of indentured servitude.” Those artists can drive Porsches now, their glass houses are so crystalline and shiny, but now… that drop from the pedestal is so far.

Sony-Philips bought out commitments to BluRay from the studios and big-box distributors based on blue-sky promises, and consumers lost the chance to have the more reasonable HD Format. I hope whoever got those promised dollars enjoy them, and I too will join the happy parade of Disregard.

Sony’s still one of the Big 5 Zaibatsu Clans in the Money Center Orient, and their ability to manipulate accounting systems has always been a well-practiced ritual. They just need a few more Dixie Chick and Elton court judgments against them.