Sony PlayStation Portable pictures pop up on the Internet

I just posted the article Sony PlayStation Portable pictures pop up on the Internet.

GristyMcFisty and Quakester2000 both used our
submit to tell us that pictures of Sony’s
upcoming PlayStation Portable (PSP) device have popped up on the
Internet. The PSP…

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[QUOTE] I wonder if the PSP will be able to compete with Nintendo’s GameBoy Compete? Noway! It will blow away the GBA. Its just a dinky toy compared the the PSP specs!
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That’s true but you must not forget that the GameBoy has a huge selection of games and has built up a good reputation over the last couple of years. But the specs of the PSP sure look great and I also think that Nintendo has a serious competitor here.

It all depends on costs. The portable PS sounds like a great little system, however, it also sounds like its price will be in the $150 - $200 range to me.

The PSP will feature Dolby 7.1 multi-channel audio, with 3D sound. Can anyone tell me how they tend to reproduce 7.1 audio on that?

Yeah I know, what the fuck is 7.1 audio going to do to improve a portable gaming console when most home gaming console systems aren’t even equipped with 7.1 audio (in fact, most home theatre systems aren’t even equipped with 7.1). Even future considerations are unrealistic.

yay, a $400 keychain?