Sony: PlayStation Network's online store will be open by week's end

Sony: PlayStation Network’s online store will be open by week’s end.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony confirmed late Monday night that while it will miss the end of May deadline previously set for the complete restoration of the PlayStation Network, the last-minute delay shouldn't last too long. The company is now aiming to reopen the PSN store by week's end - in some countries, anyway.

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This is a bunch of Bull, I am so sick of this, I had just bought a PS3 again recently when this all went down, in hopes that I could download my games again, and of course I have vudu as well, with a 3d movie I purchased and didnt realize till I tried to log in, and this entire mess was happening, I guess I should of done research before buying one again, but you just dont think a network would go down like this ever, hurry the hell up Sony, you guys just need to stop lying and just let us know the truth instead of making everyone wait till the last minute for changes, this is really unprofessional get it right for once.

Bin Laden must have had his contact info in his PSN account!!!
It’s amazing what Americans can do when the Play Station network goes down☺

Sony: PlayStation Network’s online store will be open by week’s end

…and hacked again by Sunday. :wink: