Sony: PlayStation Network, Qriocity customers' credit card info compromised

Sony: PlayStation Network, Qriocity customers’ credit card info compromised.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony's PlayStation Network was effectively shut off by the company itself last Wednesday following what it claims was an "external intrusion" which compromised the infrastructure that powers the PlayStation 3s online offerings. Minor details have surfaced here and there since the initial outage, with the most worrisome coming out today: users' private information - from personal details to credit card numbers - may have leaked.

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Well then, I’m off to change my name, address & date of birth.

read about this yesterday so today I went to the bank and got a new debit card

[QUOTE=debro;2586141]Well then, I’m off to change my name, address & date of birth.[/QUOTE]

Better safe than sorry! :wink:

[QUOTE=Justin_Massoud;2586215]Better safe than sorry! ;)[/QUOTE]
[B]“We are no longer the knights who say ni! We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing!”[/B]