Sony PlayStation 3 holiday sales reached near 4M sold



I just posted the article Sony PlayStation 3 holiday sales reached near 4M sold.


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The PS3 is definately more bang for the buck. Bluray player, built in wireless, free online gaming.

Xbox still has a better catalog, but the ps3’s has been growing.

I’m guessing after the last xbox ban wave, with people not being able to play backups online, they bought ps3’s. Cause if you’re going to play online you may as well do it for free (and keep their banned 360’s for backup play offline).


Agree with you on more bang for the buck. $299 might just be the magic price that Sony needed to get this console some significant sales. I wonder if it will overtake the others ever?


Give it a few weeks :slight_smile:

At the moment, too many people are busy worrying about putting food on the table after their fortune disappeared :iagree: