Sony Playstation 2 DVD to Video hack

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Not long after the fist DVD issue with the Playstation2, which allowed users to subvert the geographical code for DVD video disks a second DVD copying…

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Sounds interesting but who is gonna make vhs copies of dvd movies? and who wants to buy that? Sounds like back to the future to me.

oh the possibilites of hacking this system. they wanted to rush it because they were scared of losing market share to sega. now they will loose even more than that. hack them and their empty promises.!!

Geez, everyone wants to rag the Playstation 2. Long before you could hook this device up to the Playstation 2 you could hook this device up to any computer with DVD playback to achieve the same result! And there are MANY DVD players out there that allow you to change regions with a simple remote combination.

u can make copies from dvd to vhs easily by using a device called Video stabilizer, about $30, can find it in future shop…

how to brning ps2 game