Sony Player Problem

Is there any reason why my backup version of “Hitch” will not play on a Sony DVD Player. The backup plays perfectly on other makes of DVD player. Other backups I have made, using the same media, all play fine on the Sony.

Maybe your Sony is too picky, or doesn’t like the type of media/burning speed you used…

It’s all very strange. I use the same media, same burning speed, in fact same everything. Up till now, all backups have played on all players. The “Hitch” backup plays on all players except the Sony. Is it possible that as “Hitch” is a Sony release, then there is something in the protection that AnyDVD does not remove and stops the backup playing on Sony players?

No, AnyDVD removes all current protections out there. I had no problems with this movie, AnyDVD/CloneDVD 2…

what media are you using? Please Include brand, rated speed, media ID. (media id can be found on the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed)

what speed are you burning at?

please post the anydvd info window of your original.

do oyu get any error messages at all while burning?

what model burner do you have? What firmware do you have installed?

what is the model # of your standalone player?

Hi. Thanks for reply. I have just made a backup of “Layer Cake”, using identical media and settings, and it plays perfectly on the Sony player. The point I was trying to make is that I have made over 50 backups and all the backups play on all the players, including the Sony player, except “Hitch”, which plays on all the players except the Sony.


then i don’t know what to tell you. i don’t know why you’re posting for help if you don’t answer the questions of people that are trying to help you.

i guess chalk it up to an anomaly of your player then. no one can help you come to a conclusion on “all of these work, but this one doesn’t” without a little more information. If you think the information is irrelevant then we’re unable to help.

and i don’t mean any of the above in a condescending or snotty manner. just the facts…

I had the same problem with my older Sony player. Bought Newer Sony player at Walmart for $70 and works fine. Older model cost me $250 at the time, but had trouble reading the DVD-/+R’s.

Does the Sony player in question have a feature that will autoplay a DVD?
Read your manual.
If so disable the autoplay. My primary DVD stand alone (Zenith) has this feature and once in a while ( very very rarely) I do have a problem with a disk. It has to do removing annoying adverts and trailers if selected in AnyDVD. By simply disabling the auto start on my player the disk will play fine.