Sony plans to lead the 3D HDTV market



Sony plans to lead the 3D HDTV market.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony began offering its high-definition 3D TVs last month as the company expects 3D to become a major seller of 3D products by the end of the year.

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Would this be like when they “expected” Betamax and DAT to be “major sellers”?


If it glass-less 3D?
If not, good luck Dodo :wink:


I’m guessing when 3d tech gets cheaper, it’ll just be standard in all tv’s. More like an enhancement then revolutionary.

Eventually people will have them because there won’t be tv’s that don’t support it. I’m not really sure how many people will use the feature though.


I’ve said it before, I’m not interested in 3D TV. I don’t see a benefit in the home. Perhaps this is more of an anti-piracy move. I saw Avatar in IMAX… Impressive (once – for a retelling of Pocahontas), but I don’t usually re-watch films… so whats next? Time to move on.

I certainly don’t think it is worth the premium for movie goers either. Did anyone see Toy Story 3 in 3D? Ugh… What a waste. I am not looking forward to broadcast TV coming in with that kind of half-baked approach, nor do I want to see all these movies in 3D on the typical home television. How about we not focus on special effects and do some creative writing to tell a story.