Sony plans to launch a lower price Blu-ray player

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Sony plans to launch a lower price Blu-ray disc player by the middle of the year, which will offer superior capabilities to its current BDP-S1 and expects to retail for $600. It features native…

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It’s the same price as PS3, so if you must have blu-ray, just get one of those (even though I’m very anti-PS3). Who cares about how much better this new player is? In the end, blu-ray and hd-dvd will both fail anyway. LONG LIVE DVD!

Either the PS3 or this new player would be a good choice for blu-ray. Who cares as long as DVD DIES!!! LONG LIVE BLU-RAY!!!

Like the saying goes “A fool and his money is soon parted.” While either may be a good choice for blu-ray neither is a good choice. I agree with the first post let’s hope this thing dies soon. I’m all for upgrades and new technology but let’s make it worth it. Yeah it looks nice, but it’s just not nice enough. To make me have to by a new player and replace all my disc it’s going to have to be a ultra high def format with disc that hold say oh . . . a terrabyte of data. VHS to DVD was nice DVD to this. Get Real!

Long live HD DVD !!!

Long live 8-track !!!