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Hi every one
I’m not sure if I should post this thread in CloneDVD2. Lately I’ve noticed that all Sony Pictures take awhile to read , Rocky Balboa ,The Pursuit of Happyness,The Holiday. It took about 45-50 mins to read. Is it just me or it’s Sony disc. This can’t be coincidence or is it?

Hi Charlie T, I’m doing The Pursuit of Happyness as I type, and it’s been ripping now for over 35 minutes. I hope to burn it back to a DVD won’t take as long.

Ooops my bad, the log file after the Ripping finished said 21 minutes. It seemed like a LOT longer.

BTW, I using AnyDVD and CloneDVD

Check if dma is enabled on your hard drive and dvd drive! If not uninstall your ide controller and restart. You should be able to read those dvds in the 20 to 30 minutes range depending on your system.

OK the Burn back to a DVD took 10 minutes.

Yes all DMA’s are enable.All other studios my BenQ DW1655 spent only 15-17 mins to read except last 3 Sony Pictures. After cloneDVD started reading,it said 50 mins remaining I stopped it at that point and put the other movie from difference studio(Children of Men) without rebooting and it said 17 mins remaining. I then switched back to Sony Pictures and it said the same thing as previous 50 mins reamaining. I even reboot and it’s same resault. But if I do movie only it’s normal (about 11-12mins).I already had those moives backed up. Just kinda curious that Sony Pictures as I mentioned took longer than usual if it’s a coincidence or is it Sony Pictures. FS US version full disc.

I had to bring this thread back :iagree:

Thats weird, I am using the same versions and I cant even read the dvd…

With all the extra nasty, encryption files on the Sony discs, it takes a lot longer to read…

So I’m not the only one who noticed that or being paranoid about it. Like I said it’s not a big deal just 10-20 mins longer than usual. Just kinda curious that it happened to someone else also.

ummm… yeah me too… can anyone tell me whats going on? any help would be appreciated… thanks, Brian