Sony Pictures website hacked by Lulz Sec, 1 million passwords accessed



Sony Pictures website hacked by Lulz Sec, 1 million passwords accessed.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A hacker group called Lulz Sec, which made a name for itself on Monday after publishing a fake story to PBS' news site and leaking emails and passwords, stated it had a new operation in mind for the company. On Thursday night the group made good with the threat. Lulz Sec temporarily took down Sony, accessed 1 million user's personal information and found over 3 million downloadable coupons according to a posting by the group.

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I don’t get why these different groups (or is it the same group?) keep attacking all these various different Sony companies ? Why always Sony ? What’s the motive ? The rootkit fiasco is years behind us, is it retroactive payback ? I mean I don’t like Sony at all but I don’t get why they are such a target instead of all the other tech/media giants ?
I wonder if it’s personal, employees with a grudge etc… or the competition is behind it… whatever. Maybe its just because Sony’s the only one that’s easy to hack (which is pathetic for Sony). Its weird.
The more I think about it, I bet its personal grudges…


@ivid, this all started due to Sony removing the “OtherOS” Linux option from the PS3, then when people tried to run custom software on their own PS3’s or add back OtherOS support, Sony sued and seized their computer equipment (of Geohot and graf_chokolo). Sony made themselves a target.

See these stories:


Ahhh yes the other O/S. Thanks. Forgot about that. I had forgotten why geohot was in trouble in the 1st place !

But really, these hackers have way too much of a sense of entitlement. Its a game console not a Linux computer. Maybe Sony made a mistake to offer this unadvertised and non-marketed “hobbyist” feature and then take it away, but it was being abused and exploited.
Geohot was highly mistaken that its OK to MOD a company’s code / firmware and he deserved what he got. I work in software/hardware product development and fully understand the concept of intellectual property of source code etc…
So as much as I don’t like them, Sony are right to pursue people who hack their code/firmware, like it or not.

These hacks are analogous to a thief who robbed me coming after me for reporting him to the cops.


I understand the concept of intellectual property of source code too. From what I understand, Geohot and graf_chokolo weren’t using any of Sony’s source code, they made their own.


I’m sorry, but if a consumer buys something, it should be his to do whatever he wants with it. Of course, certain restrictions, such as file sharing, apply. GeoHotz didn’t have a responsibility to control what people did with his custom firmware. He didn’t endorse that it be used for piracy.

The one thing that’s really keeping me from buying a PS3 is that at the moment, it can’t run Linux. I’m not a big gamer (the only console I’ve ever owned, and still do, is a Dreamcast,) but I really like older games. I grew up playing SNES and N64 Roms, as well as old LucasArts games on my computer. When I found out that my Dreamcast could emulate these systems without any modification, I jumped at the chance. Hell, there’s even a port of Linux to the Dreamcast! For Sony to have sued Hotz was ridiculous! If Sony had as much incriminating evidence against him as they claimed, why did they not only try to settle, but also didn’t seek any compensation?


I believe initially the feature was advertised and promoted. so to remove an advertised feature is almost criminal. It would be like selling you an 8 cylinder car, and later knocking it down to a 4 cylinder.


Why always Sony ?

Hopefully forever.


[QUOTE=Grim107;2591011]I’m sorry, but if a consumer buys something, it should be his to do whatever he wants with it.[/quote] Good thing they don’t sell portable nuke missiles yet at the local supermarket then.

I agree that property is property and should be handled as property. In this methaphor a stone brick is equal to a multimedia console.

The trouble is the stupid licensing model on the built-in software and hardware.