Sony pictures decides against Blu-ray movie downsampling



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 For  whatever reason, Sony pictures (and just their movies mind you) have decided to  not alienate the thousands of potential customers with analog sets. At least for  now, during the roll out,...
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i don’t think sony is being sincere about the its position in analog output at high def probably most will agree that sony is very keen on drm & have grave concerns regarding analog output as sony (entertainment) is the prime backer to lobby the u.s. congress to plug the analog holes, yet sony stated that “analog signals as a relatively small concern” i am not sure how long is the “foreseeable future”, but if i must guess, it will be a couple of years at best.


“In addition, the studios, including Sony can later invoke this control when they feel the time is ripe.” I love this part. So you pay your hard earned bucks to build an HD collection only to find (when you have friends over) that all this crap wouldnt properly play and you fool should have stuck with an upscaling DVD player. I wonder if there would be a way to disable that malicios flag in the subsequent releases so it wont flash your player, by lets say placing a bit of masking tape on the disk or using a sharpie.:X


The Fed Ex truck is on it’s way at the moment to my house with an Oppo Digital OPDV971H 720p/1080i upconverting DVD player with a faroudja chip inside. I should have it in about 1 hour. :d


I’m suprised they haven’t put network/phone jacks on them and require you to connect to make sure you are have the “correct” firmware.


Godspeed DVD Jon !


um if the blu ray disc dosn’t have the flag now that means it will never have the flag down the road either because it’s on the disc not the player thus the reason why sony can have there movies without the flag and other company’s can have it on. So your collection wont be wiped out if you still have analog and a blu ray set top. Ignorance runs rampent around this place


they might have one, or at least that will be required for future releases. new firmware can be stored in the disk just like sony’s psp


The point is you are invested in Blu-ray movies and an expensive player ~$1000 that play on your TV that uses analog. At some point, the studios decide to place the flag on new movies. Now, you are invested in a player and movies so if you want to continue the joy of HD viewing, it is time to go to BestBuy and pick up your new HDMI HDCP compliant TV or set and watch the same movies over and over. It’s called bait and switch. And the only ones ignorant are the ones that buy a player and movies and don’t realise the rules of the game can change in the later innings.
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Ah, just howard’s sleight of hand sweet talk, to get all the punters to spend the big bucks to upgrade to the new format, junk the old more open cheaper DVD format, then slam the gate shut! Smoke and mirrors! You’ve got to hand it to man, he speaks with a better forked tongue, then most of our current world leaders in our time!:r


To invest $1000.00 or more in a player without the same commitment from all the movie studios would be crazy. The only why to play this game is to wait for the price of combo players, from companies such as LG, to drop to around $300.00 and all the movie studio’s have announced their intentions for the analog outputs. The HD-DVD/Blu-ray Disc packages should be clearly marked. This would allow the consumer to make an informed decision, which would result in reduced sales for movie studios that down sample the analog outputs.:X


Finally some proof that the anti-high-def luddites here were getting worked up over nothing. To think, all those months of kvetching…for naught.