Sony Pictures: Blu-ray may outsell DVD by 2011

I just posted the article Sony Pictures: Blu-ray may outsell DVD by 2011.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Asia Pacific Vice President Tim Meade is claiming that Blu-ray may start outselling DVD in the US by the year 2011."The global sales value of BD movie discs as a…

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Middle of 2007 ? You may want to check your calendar. And where are these figures coming from ? Blu-ray sales are not even 1% of the home video market, let alone 20%. Come on, get real !

Homey, don’t think so. :slight_smile:

You left out the important parts of the original article. The guy predicted by 2010 BD vs DVD movie sales is 40:60. Then he claimed that by 2011 BD will outsel DVD, hmm, so it might be 51:49. :smiley:

Anyway, I think it might become true, give or take a year. So will see in 3 or 4 years from now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this Christmas sales may indeed boom some but by how much?

The only way this will happen is if Sony drops the price of their BD movies by 50%

also drop the price of Blu-Ray drives

Like vroom and old3eyes said, the cost of both the Blu-ray players and movies need to drop before Blu-ray begins to outsell DVDs. The “sale” Blu-ray discs at a lot of B&M retailers around here still are $25 or $30 a piece, while the DVD sale prices are $14.99.

I think that it’ll happen by 2012, but I am not as sure if it can really happen by 2011.

whats happend to holographic disks ?

Do we need holographic discs? 1080p looks pretty good even on a 60 inch TV.

@Randomus: The “sale” Blu-ray discs at a lot of B&M retailers around here still are $25 or $30 a piece, while the DVD sale prices are $14.99.

You are unlucky if your local B&M retailers only sale for $25. Go online, eq amazon, deepdiscount etc.

My local Costco always on sale for Blu-ray catalog titles $18.99 and new releases $23-26. DVD for $15 and up, most of them $18 and up.

The difference between DVD and Blu-ray at Costco often close to $3. What else I can say? If you can’t find good sale in your local retailer, GO ONLINE!! :slight_smile:

What is Sony pictures smoking ? By 2011, consumers will still be using DVDs. Blu-ray will be relegated to the niche market for videophiles and geeks.

If gas prices keep going up by a US dollar each successive year, no one but the wealthy are going to able to afford all of these equipment purchases. At this rate, gas prices are gonna be $7/gallon by 2011.

Sony Pictures: “Blu-ray may outsell DVD by 2011”

Typical Consumer in 2011: “WTF was a Blu-ray?!?!”

I think eventually Blu Ray will be the format of choice due to quality of visuals and content depth. But it’s going to be a few more years before BR takes dvd down the path of the cassette tape

:bigsmile:it all depends on hd tv sales before i got an hd ty, i didnt care, now i have a new tv and i twant to get the best picture possible

So Blu-ray will peak in 2011? Didn’t I just finish reading a story here about the Blu-ray format dying by 2013? How many versions of The Matrix does one family need? :rolleyes: