Sony PCGA-CD51 Drive upgrade Question



I have one of Sony’s external PCMCIA CD-ROM drives which contains an ATAPI Toshiba XM1902 16X (CDR) Drive. I noiced the connector is 50-PIN and I compared the pin-out voltages and Key codes for the drives seek, write, standby ect… commands and they seem to match with ATAPI Toshiba SDR2412 (24x/8x-CDRW/DVD-R) Drive per the technical documentation off of Toshiba’s website. My only concern is that the throughput and current load of the new drive on the existing PCMCIA controller will burn out, not work or not provide the full performance of the drive. I noticed that when sony produced an external drive with similar functionality, it required an external DC adapter and a PCMCIA controller card that supports Cardbus. Does anybody know a good resource to get the correct parts for this kind of an upgrade? Has anyone performed this kind of an upgrade on a similar slim-line external PCMCIA drive?


If MMC levels are different , then this will not work


Please exuse my lack of the appropriate “Kung Fu”. Are you referring to the ANSI instruction sets that are supported by the microcontroller between the PCMCIA card and the ATAPI interface on the CD-ROM? Or am I completely off base here? Note: After I performed the upgrade, I can Read and copy DVD-ROM and CD-ROM media from the drive. I am unable to get any burning software to recognize the CD-RW functions of the combo drive. The error message under Windows 2000 “Unable to detect CD-ROM on SCSI Bus”. This would imply to me that the microcontroller does not support “write” functions. If this is the case, where should someone obtain the correct parts to complete this upgrade? Sony is very difficult to get this kind of information from. Do you know of a resource that sells PCMCIA to JAEIL KX-15-50KLD L or equivalent adapter/controller that would support Bus-power with CDRW/DVD-R instructions sets? If not, Can you direct me to a resource that can show me where I need to start and how to proceed. I think I may need to talk to an engineer or a laptop cd-freak. Thank You. Maybe there is software I can use to detect what the MMC levels are?