Sony, Panasonic ready 3D Blu-ray players



Sony, Panasonic ready 3D Blu-ray players.

[newsimage][/newsimage]3D televisions could cost you a kidney, but 3D Blu-ray players won't be so pricey, as shown with Sony's first product.

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My Sony BDP-S470 review
Anyway ,right off the bat the box says to RTFM… Now any High Def enthusiast worth his salt ,would say ‘Hey,I know enough about this stuff to dig right in’ and I did. Very small in height,and has a nice sleek look about it ,although there is one small caveat. The front panel controls are in an L shape at the front of the unit,and CANNOT be closed
ala my Panasonic BD35. Not a big thing,but for those who like their controls hidden,this point is something to consider. Plugged in the various connections (HDMI,Toslink,power,etc) and turned on the unit. Mind you,prior to obtaining the unit,I took some BD5/BD9 discs to favorite gadget haven,6th Avenue Electronics in Springfield,New Jersey,and had my eyes on any new reasonably priced Sony BD I could find. They must have known I was coming because the unit I wound up with was connected the the latest Samsung TV positioned right at the front door. Samsung is really crap for BD players,but for TV…This one was phenomenal. Anyway,I tested my BD5 discs in this unit,and was blown away by the extreme brightness and clarity my discs showed. I know it had plenty to do with the TV,but I was happy from the start,and upon returning home,it showed (practically) the same beautiful picture I witnessed at the store. This model has the Netflix access feature (and wouldn’t you know, I cancelled my NetFlix account last month ,not anticipating this move) as well as YouTube,and about six or seven other different access methods,which I tried and was very happy with. The sound was very clear,and you were able to hear every nuance from the disc I first played (BD5 of Fifty First Dates-Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore). The load times for the discs have greatly improved,and there is even a setup feature that allows you to get either fast or slow load time,why there is a choice,I have no idea. I mean who would pick the slower option?? The unit also has a provision to use any attached USB drive to play movies ,music or whatever it contained. Last but not Least,it has a provision for 3D,with a firmware upgrade widely publicized to be implemented via Internet this summer ,but as usual ,the caveats are always in the small print. This is what the sticker on the unit itself said about this feature: Requires 3D ready HDTV and HDMI connection,Other 3D accessories (including 3D glasses and emitter) may also be required for proper playback…

PS: My Panasonic BD35 is now for sale ,it has the latest firmware,and is in pristine condition…

The unit was $179 with a 3 year $25 warranty plan that totaled just over $200. I bought many items from this place,and have NEVER had an issue…