Sony or Verbatim (india) CD-R

Hi, I was wondering,

for burn quality, which ones would you choose, Regular Sony CD-R or Verbatim CD-R (made in india) ?

I want to get the less errors possible.


They are both about equal to each other – more errors than the average CD-R, and are also likely to show greater deterioration than the average CD-R over time. (This assumes that the Sonys are MIT, MII or MIM, and the Verbatims are simply rebadged MBI phthalocyanine CD-Rs instead of MBI-made CD-Rs using Mitsubishi’s Azo dye.)

where can I see what the sonys are ?

You take a look at the small print on the package label. It will say something like “Made in Taiwan” or “Made in India” or “Made in Malaysia” on the label [unless you happen to be in Europe, where optical disk resellers are not required to reveal the country of origin (COO) on the package].

On the other hand, if you order online, there is no way at all whatsoever of telling until you receive the package(s).

ok, my sonys were made in taiwan, the weird thing is… I just scanned a burn, and it found no errors at all, not even c1. How is this possible ?

Which burner or reader are you doing the scans on? Most consumer optical drives are way off in this regard.

Scans are (fairly) accurate with BenQ, Plextor or NEC DVD burners, and LiteOn CD (not LiteOn DVD) burners.

Don’t even think about using Pioneer, LG, Samsung or LiteOn DVD burners for scanning.


I assume the burns are still really good right ?

LGs can’t scan at all.

And not all NEC DVD burners are equally suitable for scanning. The ND-2x00 series burners (ND-2100AD, ND-2500A, ND-2510A), for example, don’t detect C1 errors when scanning CDs using the Quality Scan feature, so the C1 error count will always be zero from those drives. Only the ND-3x00 and ND-4x00 series burners support C1 error detection for CD quality scanning.

And I agree with kg_evilboy about LG DVD burners: They cannot perform a quality scan at all.