Sony or TDK?

I have had too much trouble with my PX-712A. It won’t read some of my CD-Rs that are readable in a bunch of other CR-ROMs and it burns coasters. I still have time to return it to Best Buy so I think that I will try going in another direction.

Which do you prefer better Sony or TDK?

Sony sells the DRU-540A 12X.
TDK sells the Indi DVD 12X.

Which would you buy?

I took a look at both companies web sites and noticed that TDK has not issued a firmware update for the Indi DVD 12X while Sony has issued update(s) for the DRU-540A. To me it is a good sign if a company has not had to post firmware updates.

What do you think?


Bob Shem

A company that doesn’t post upgrades either doesn’t care about it’s customers or thinks too highly of itself. No company can devote the resources necessary to testing to eliminate every bug or be compatible with every type and manufacturer of media on the initial release. Since the drive models are usually rushed to market to maintain market share, lots of things are overlooked and caught up with later. IMO, no upgrades means a product that will be less than compatible now and/or obsolete real soon.

TDK’s other burners have firmware updates.

I would go for HP first then Sony. This is based on my own experience with my 2-3 years old HP DVD200i (2.4x) that still rocks till now, and capable to set booktype dvd-rom. I also have a Sony CDRW that never gives a problem.

Unfortunately, current HP in the market still 8x.

I heard that TDK buys its drives from Plextor. Is this a rumor or is it true? If so, do they buy all of their DVD drives from Plextor or just certain models?

HP is a possibility that I didn’t really consider. I will look into that.

Bob, have you read CVS lengthy post about his “third” drive? I guess I will stick with mine and wait for the new fw. I have more than 11 months to RMA to plextor or another week to newegg. Anyway, from my experience, burning 8x and 12x only different “around” 1 yes one minute in plextor 712A. SO I would’n bother buying a 8x media while the 4x is lot cheaper and can be burn @ 8x. But I don’t know if HP, Sony or TDK can burn 4x @8x.

@Bob Shem
You do realize that Sony and TDK are “rebadgers” don’t you?
You can always pick up the “real” drive for much less online.

The TDK is a LiteOn 1213s
I don’t know what the Sony is.

some sony are lite-ons I think the 812 or 832 = sony ??? <=-- forgot which one hahaha could be the 700

some tdk are nec, tdk 880/882 = nec 2500/2510 = hp 420i/??

From what you are saying, it’s hard to tell exactly which manufacturer’s DVD burner you are getting. I guess that it is just like the big name CD and DVD media. If you buy Memorex or Fujifilm or TDK DVDs you might get one manufacturer one day and a different one the next day.

One guy gets lucky and scores a winner and the next guy bags a dog.

I may wait until the 16X drives hit the market. Perhaps I will give Plextor another shot when the PX-716A arrives.

I returned my PX-712A and reinstalled my PX-708A. That should hold me over, for now.

Bob Shem

Well think of it like this

lets say a TDK 880, its a NEC 2500. All TDK 880 are NEC 2500. But when TDK releases another model it might be another NEC, it could be a Lite-on or another brand. But ALL TDK 880 are NEC 2500 its not gonna change.

Lucky you can return it.

If I’d return it, it costs 15% restocking fee and shipping. That’s the problem buying online… If there’s no fee at all, I will return it too and wait until september when the new firmware released.

The folks at Best Buy are excellent. Plus, with the 30 day return policy a person can take advantage of rebates and price decreases for 30 days after purchase.

Bob, if the price was right 2 weeks ago, I would buy off-line. At my local bestbuy they don’t have 712A in stock at that time, and the 708A was like $179 there, I can’t imagine how much will 712A if they had it. And now they are selling 712A for $159 (the same price I bought online July 14) plus another $30 rebate for purchase August 1 - Sept 30!!

Hey, with 712A price falling down and most local stores don’t have it in stock plus all these complaints, I wonder what will happen next??? Plextor is holding the 712A production? and will release 716 soon?

Our local Best Buy is currently selling the PX-708A for $159.99 - no rebate.

They are selling the PX-712A for $159.99 - and you can take advantage of a $30 rebate, meaning that you can get the PX-712A for thirty bucks cheaper than the older, slower PX-708A.

Needless to say, they won’t move the 708s until their stock of 712s runs out.

Frankly, I’d pay $300 if I could get a bug-free 16X burner.