Sony or Plextor?



Cant decide. Is the plextor more expensive simply because it has lightscribe, or because it has lightscribe but is just the superior burner? The Sony is more popular both here and neweeg, but I question is this more because of cost to performance ratio or performance period? Popularity aside I believe I have heard a good share of happy plextor owners here. Which drive is likley to provide a more reliable burn, and which one is likley to provide a more reliable read on scratched discs?

Look forward your thoughts!

The Plextor is more expensive because back when they actually made drives, they where very good, and they now resell drives from other brands with a huge markup since they hope that people won’t realise they are no longer worth that much.

The plextor is outsourced, however, plextor controls the firmware so that the drive can use PlexTools software.

You could always just pickup one of the newer lite-on drives and use the free software for scanning that is available in the Lite-On forum. Opti Drive Control is payware and is a nice tool for scanning.