Sony or Memorex

What media should I get Sony or Memorex?

My vote would go to the Sony. :slight_smile:

I wholeheartedly :iagree: , at least you know what’s going to be in the package.

Exactly. :wink:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Go for the Sony. It’ll likely contain SONY16D1 or SONY D21, which are good MID’s in my experience. If you’re lucky, you might get Taiyo Yuden discs.

Never buy Memorex. They usually contain Ritek or CMC Mag MID’s, which are awful in their own regards. The former has poor longevity while the latter has terrible burn quality. You could also get Ricoh, which is decent, or Moser Baer, which can be good if it weren’t for the poor quality control. On the off chance you get MCC, they’d be the best discs, but they’re rare with Memorex.

Sony in Europe can be MBI made discs, MBI coded :frowning:


:iagree: and they are getting more in the shelves :frowning:


Exactly - no longer buying Sony myself :frowning:

Really? Ouch. I haven’t seen any reports of this on VideoHelp. Regardless, MBI discs will still have Made in India printed on the label, so it’ll be easy to distinguish them, right? Or does Europe not require COO on the label?

The Sony’s do have the COO on the package for the indian discs in Europe. The problem is the price - far too high for the media itself :disagree:

Well I was too late to get Sony DVD-R on sale so I got “Verbatim 16x DVD-R 4.7 GB Discs (25-spindle)” for $12.95 with shipping hope it’s good deal.

Oooh, Verbatim. Much better choice. :slight_smile:

Yes they are,but I could of gotten 50 pack of Sonys for the same price.

Verbatim is better than Sony anyway.
You got a decent deal. However, not to brag, but I picked up my 50ct. cake boxes for the same price at Best Buy on sale for the same price. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have checked out they are out of stock.

Got an Officemax in your area? $12.99/50pk. :bigsmile:

Actually, $12.95 is just about the retail price for a 25-pack of single-layer DVD media. Hence, you’re paying as much as everyone else that’s paying full price for that media.

As for Verbatim DVD-R (as opposed to DVD+R) media, that particular package should have “MCC 03RG20” MID codes on the discs (as reported by CD-DVD Speed). As such, they work best at 8x speed, and don’t work as well as their DVD+R (“MCC 004”) brandmates at 16x.

Are you sure it’s $12.99 for 50 pack:

I will stay away from Memorex and will buy brand such as(Sony,TDK,Verbatim). Which one among them will I choose? I will go with the cheapest deal.