Sony or Imation?

Hi, what is the best between (DVD+R / DVD-R) :


20$ in sold (canada)


40$ in sold (canada)


What burner?

Does anybody know what MID Imation 8x DVD+R would be?

RicohJPNR02 or CMCsomethingortheother

i have a liteon 451@832…


The liteon will burn +R discs much better than -R ones.

That said, I’d pick Sony over the Imation ones, but I wouldn’t really recommend either personally – too many bad experiences with CD-Rs from those brands.

The Sony would be either one of these mid’s as long as u purchase DVD+R 4x.
MCC 002 or RICOHJPNR01, both of these are excellent discs. I would recommend either one.

Imation DVD-R 4x is iffy. The MID can either be CMC MAG AF1 :Z or MCC01RG20 :bow: .

So I would go with the Sony’s.