Sony Optiarc reveals 24x DVD burner

I just posted the article Sony Optiarc reveals 24x DVD burner.

Claiming to be the world’s first to do so, Sony Optiarc has introduced a 24x DVD burner, calling it a “high speed miracle.”
Unfortunately, it seems Lite-On beat Sony to the punch a couple…

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I’m not sure I would trust a 24x burn on even the best media. The savings in speed are minimal anyhow. I burn all my discs at 12x despite being 16x capable.

Wonder how long until they can it because it is eating into their blu-ray sales…lol

Is this just a rebadged Lite-On/mediatek drive?

How much time does this “miracle” drive save over current 12-16x average market place burners when burning a normal DVD-R at 4.6gb?

24x - when it absolutely, positively has to be done a millisecond sooner…

What would be more welcomed is support for dvd-rw dual layer (that format has gone all quiet again) and 12x dvd+rw. I’m starting to doubt we will ever see those formats though.
I remember reading that 16x was the highest speed dvd burning would ever reach and with this announcement that figure has been increased by 50%

That aint your real head is it dude? lol…