Sony Optiarc Dvd RW AD-7201S

Hi ok i am having trouble with this just recently it stopped working dont know why. i just found out when i tried to burn/erase a few dvd’s it wouldnt say any error or anything when i tried to burn or erase with the software nero 7.
i uninstalled nero 7 and installed an older one nero 6 to see if it would work. then it gave me a message saying it could not find any recorders. but i can play normal dvds just fine and watch them. so i am having a tough time trying to figure what i need to do.

i have this setup.

DG45ID intel motheroard, Q6600 Quadcore processor. 3 gigs super talent ddr2 800mhz, evga 9800gt, Western Digitel Velociraptor 1500HLFS, and the Sony Dvd RW AD-7201S,

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A good first troubleshooting step is to install ImgBurn, and see if you can make any headway with that. If it fails, please post a copy & paste of the log.