Sony Optiarc BC5600S - RPC1 firmware - Is it possible

I’m trying to find a slim Blu-ray reader driver for my media center.
By mistake I first ordered a panasonic som manage to cancel in time. I suddenly came to think of regions.
Now I’m thinking about purchasing this Sony Optiarc BC-5600s and wanted to ask if it’s possible at all to get RPC1 firmware. Since I don’t have the drive yet it’s impossible for me to provide additional info but a link to the vendor site with firmware.
I have google for days now and no solution
Anybody any recommendations or perhaps a solution??

This drive’s firmware is encrypted and until now nobody knows how to decrypt it.

The only chance that I see is if someone was able to unsolder the flash chip and read it with external hardware. But even then this is not guaranteed to work.

Okay…thanks a lot. Have to find another solution then. A media center with region lock…I don’t think so. For now I’ll go for a slim DVD drive with no region protection I already have. Hopefully slim sloth-in bd players will be easier obtainable later on.
But again…thanks for the info.
No sale for Sony this time