Sony Optiarc BC-5600S won't playback some newer Bluray Discs



Hello Community,
I’m new to that community, but I read already a lot. But for my problem now solution so far.

I’m using a Dell Studio Notebook 1735 with integrated Sony Optiarc BC-5600S Slimline BluRay Player. Additionally the Notebook is installed with Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. For BluRay Playback I use Dell Mediadirect Software which is based on Cyberlink Software.

The Cyberlink Software Version is 4.055.06 and BD-Live 4.0.6201

The Firmware for the 5600 is 10AB form Dell Support.

Now my Problem. If I want to look some newer BluRays i got a message to upgrade the Players Firmware which is too old.
This happens i.e. to James Camerons AVATAR and some others newer build. Older ones running in a proper condition.
There are no newer Versions of Cyberlink neither Sony.
Maybe somebody out of your specialists has any idea



avatar is a really screwed up disc

you don’t have to upgrade the firmware, the “upgrade firmware” message is for standalone players that you would hookup to your TV.

what you need to do is update your software player, or buy a new one, since i doubt that dell will release free upgrade for that mediadirect software.