Sony Optiarc AD-7580A



hi all,

i’ve had a look around the forum here and cant really find anything to help me out.

i just bought a Sony Optiarc AD-7580A and put it in my Toshiba Satellite A40… nothing.:eek:

so having a look around i can only find bits of random information about this drive. so i just wonder if anyone here can give the definitive lowdown on this drive. (and how to make it work in my tosh!)




Why do you think that should work?

Slimtype drives NEED specific OEM firmware regarding the used laptop manufacturer and set up (connection).



i just bought a Sony Optiarc AD-7580A and put it in my Toshiba Satellite A40… nothing.:eek:[/quote]Okay. Very likely, the reason of your problem is a mismatch of the drive’s master/slave/cable select configuration and the corresponding requirements of your laptop.
On a Desktop drive, this could be adjusted with jumper settings, but on slim drives, this is controlled by the drive’s firmware. Some drive manufacturers offer tools or adjusted firmwares to deal with that problem. Unfortunately, your drive is a recycled QSI drive, which gets zero support.

Sometimes, the master/slave configuration can be changed by shorting two pins on the IDE connector. I’d have to Google for details.

(and how to make it work in my tosh!)
Buy an external slim enclosure (with PSU!) and install the drive there.



thanks michael, sorry i didnt reply earlier, for some reason when you replied to my thread i thought i’d get an email… anyway, no worries! but i got it sorted eventually, after a 3-week headache!

after a fair bit of googling i worked out which pins to short and got that done. some success, since after that i had lights but still no recognition of the drive. after more searching i found a post on myce where another user had gotten a tool to change the master/slave settings, and he’d posted a link to the utility. i downloaded that but the file format was weird and didnt seem to work, and since my tosh couldn’t see the drive anyway it was pointless.

eventually i worked out that the person who uploaded the utility had used the wrong suffix, so after changing that i immediately had a usable tool. then i simply popped the drive into my mates ASUS laptop (which recognised the drive instantly), opened the master/slave utility and changed the settings from CS to RCS.

back in the tosh and works beautifully!

cheers again…


Glad you got it sorted and thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: