Sony Optiarc AD-7241S-0B @ Newegg, in stock tomorrow (12th June)

hope they are added to uk stores soon so i can buy 1:)

edit: just noticed a thread from 1 week ago saying newegg added it their site:

Looks like another Liteon rebadge…

[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2290211]Looks like another Liteon rebadge…[/QUOTE]
yes it looks like a LiteOn but it is a real NEC Optiarc.

Uh…no…it has a real NEC chipset, just like the 7240S, except with LightScribe.

[QUOTE=KTL;2290252]Uh…no…it has a real NEC chipset, just like the 7240S, except with LightScribe.[/QUOTE]

i guess it will be a few days for these to get in stock, newegg still dont have stock. Hope someone can dump the firmware when they get 1 of these drives as liggy and dee’s site doenst have the firmware up yet, would be nice to get an RPC-1 version.

Look alike a man!

uk people can get this drive for £17.99 delivered from here:

instock on 22nd june.

looks like this drive must be delayed, newegg dont have stock nor do, had a date of 22nd june, newegg had a date of around 1 week ago. I presume they are putting a 1.02 equivalent of 7240S firmware on with the DAE fix that the 7240S needs.

It is real NEC not Liteon rebadge crap. I got one from the first Newegg batch.

These new 24x drives from NEC are so popular that nobody can get enough to keep them in stock.

just noticed that ocuk have this in stock, £2 + DEL more than though:

i’ll be patient from

[QUOTE=CKNA;2296932]I got one from the first Newegg batch.[/QUOTE]
Do you think you could dump the firmware of your 7241S for me? :flower:

good idea liggy:) I look forward to an RPC1 release of it.

Looking forward to the original version first :wink:

Not in stock :a
also PIO 217D :a

My 7241S will probably arrive tomorrow, will upload the firmware in this thread.

The file will probably be too big for attaching it. You could either upload it to a sharehoster or via my website. But I’ll also send you my email address via PM, so you can easily send it this way.

my 7241S arrived:)



Firmware: link will be posted within 1.5hrs.

anyone can use my photos for reviews.

AD-7241S-0B v1.01 firmware:

time to make an RPC-1 of it liggy:)

where I can find AD-7241S ? :a
Newegg :a ( No Stock 217D and 7241S )