Sony Optiarc AD-7240S / VANTEC NST-530SU for use with laptop?

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First, thanks to everyone who has patiently assisted me with my questions about burning/verification. I’m much better educated than I was a couple of weeks ago - you guys rock!:bow:

Part of what I’ve learned is the general dissatisfaction many members voice concerning slimline drives, and after seeing it first-hand (comparing Verbatim DL burns I’ve done with the slimeline HP/Optiarc 7701 in my laptop to the Plextor px-760A in my desktop), quality scans reveal that the slimline Optiarc is indeed not performing as consistently as the half-height Plextor.

It appears that the Optiarc AD-7240S burner and Vantec NST-530SU enclosure are held in pretty high regard.

I can pickup the Optiarc for about $35 shipped from an Amazon partner (bulk model). I plan to interface the laptop and enclosure using eSata.

  1. Any problems using this drive/enclosure combination?

  2. The model number I’d be ordering is 7240S-0B. I guess the B is black…the model specified is the bulk unit (no box). Any problems ordering the bulk unit?

  3. Are there any newer/better units worth considering, if my primary goal is to burn Verbatim 8x DL media? (typically burn at 4x).

  4. FWIW, the HP/Optiarc 7701H in my laptop apparently supports lightscribe, so I’m covered there.

Thanks for the help!

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Don’t know how I missed it, but the website “similar threads” box suggested this after I posted:

Looks like the combination works fine…additional feedback still appreciated.