Sony Optiarc AD-7240S-0B $26.99 Free Shipping

Thanks, looks like a good drive. Ordered one since my Liteon is having eject problems.

Works like a charm :slight_smile: Thanks again.

[QUOTE=reptile;2473529]Thanks, looks like a good drive. Ordered one since my Liteon is having eject problems.[/QUOTE]

i not to long ago upgraded to this drive (for 32.49 from ebay as at that time newegg was sold out or costed more) and it was a massive upgrade from my old Liteon 1673S drive from 2005.

as the 7240S is noticeably quieter (even at high speeds as in 20x burn) and reads faster and writes faster WHILE still maintaining a quality burn to :wink: … plus, not that this matters, the drive itself is actually noticeably lighter in weight to)

bottom line… you have made a good choice as this is one of the most praised drives on CDFreaks (now MyCE) it seems. they even have a review of it on this site to if you want to read it.

p.s. i still use my Liteon 1673s drive as a disc quality scanner though… and the reason i was FORCED to buy a new burner is simply because my 1673S drive started having problems writing to Verbatim DVD+R DL media. but it still write single layer stuff fine @ 8x.

LOL!!! my 7240S is more or less a piece of crap but still better than the Samsung SH-S223F
that it replaced that drive was a real POS drive. The 7240S can not even begin to keep up
with either of my Samsung SH-S203B drives they are way faster and produce better burns
but that shouldn’t keep anyone from buying the 7240S after a few more FW updates are
released it will probably become an excellent drive. :iagree:

@ getit29 … maybe you got a faulty 7240S?

also when you say ‘way faster’ i assume your exaggerating? (my 7240S does full Verbatim DVD-R discs in around 4minutes and 42seconds (give or take a few seconds) @ 20x)

firmware updates? … the v1.02 (Liggy’s) seem to be perfectly fine if your using quality media like Verbatim etc. so firmware i don’t think is a real issue at this point, at least as far as quality media is concerned.

i can’t speak for you, but i assume the ‘better burns’ is negligible in the real world? (because based on my 7240s you could get a drive a little better or a little worse and it would still easily be a good/quality drive as far as burn quality) … since it seems after a certain point it starts to become more nitpicking/extremist stuff than a serious concern for DATA loss don’t you think? … because the general scans i have done on my drive on Verbatim DVD-R media are WELL within quality scans (i.e. no where near the point of data loss) especially considering 20x burn speed.

so bottom line… based on my experience with my own 7240s it’s FAR from a bad burner and it seems others have liked it a lot to. so unless mine happens to die out of no where in the near future i won’t be dissing it anytime soon :wink: