Sony Optiarc 5280cb plus Burn slower

ok so hey everyone im a new user here and this is my first post anyways, i have a sony optiarc 5280cb plus with 1.z8 firmware, here is the firmware for that drive
i wanted to media code speed edit to burn some tdk media at 2.4x but when i load it up its just random text can any of you guys help -thanks

The only drive from that series (x28y) listed as being supported is the 7280S, and only firmware version 1.01. Anything newer is unsupported, unfortunately. And there is no replacement for MCSE.

could i cross flash it possibly

No known public conversion tool exists, unfortunately. Attempting to put the wrong firmware on the drive will trigger a failsafe (handled by the bootcode on the drive itself), or the flasher will refuse to flash as soon as it detects a firmware-bootcode mismatch.

thanks you for the help