Sony OLED TV less durable than claimed

I just posted the article Sony OLED TV less durable than claimed.

Recently Sony announced it would launch a very flat OLED TV. The Sony XEL-1 will become the first TV on the market using the new OLED technology which is said to be superior in picture quality…

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Now let’s see how long a Laser TV will last.

11" for $2500 wow! How much for 42"? Newer plasma claims lifetime 50.000-60.000 hours! Plasma is still the king lol! :d

Wait a minute. What does this mean? Sony lied to us? I can believe that Elvis is still alive. I can even believe that Michael Jackson never diddled any kids. But Sony lying to us? C’mon now.

This is very interesting, because 17,000 hours is right around what Sony initially claimed in all their press releases before they went to market with this display. I had never paid any attention to subsequent marketing hype, so I’m surprised to read that they currently claim 30,000. What your article doesn’t explain, tho’, is the testing methodology. Was the brightness at factory default (Nuclear Blast), or at a calibrated reduced mode? (please excuse if double-posted)