Sony officially lists 52 XCP infected CDs & faces a loss of sales

I just posted the article Sony officially lists 52 XCP infected CDs & faces a loss of sales.

 The  controversial rootkit based copy protection used  by Sony started out when the British company First 4 Internet had meetings with  four major record labels in an aim to sell them the...
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There is no such thing a ‘copy-proof’ cd/dvd, if the disk can be read period (protected or not), it can be copied. I really wish these jerks would drop this copy protection crp for the following reasons: 1. The only people that get burned are the paying customers, those who get what they want ‘through other means’ don’t have to worry about that. 2. The copy protection companies always claim that there protections ‘stop hackers, pirates, etc, etc’. I have yet to see ANY protection actually do that. 3. You can bypass a lot of this crp by simply holding down the shift key when the disk is being inserted or by turning off autorun completly. 4. It adds to the cost of already high prices for your cd/dvd. 5. If someone were to use the same technology sony/f4i used on their recent releases and got caught, that person would be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But it’s ok if some of these big companies do this to their paying customers. (Actually, this has already happened I think). 6. Not everyone has a recent-enough reader burner capable of handling these new protections properly, so even if you have the proper disk inserted, you STILL might not be-able to play your payed-for game. 7. The only way I can think of to make a cd/dvd completly uncopyable is to make the entire disk un-readable by any current device. (But that’s probably not going to happen). My 2 cents worth… :r

im really surpised that many people were affected, other than Frank Sinatra, Louie Armstrong, and Billie Holiday - the rest of the titles are crap that no one would buy anyway. and probably most of the people who buy these titles, would NEVER play them on a computer; they would user their super HIFI system that they have had since these artists were playing live.
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Hmm, I doubt very much if this a complete list, for if Dan Kaminsky, an intrepid net analyst, in a sample of 9.9 million internet users, could identify SONY’s DRM’s unique virus signature on approximately 568,000 worldwide individual users on line, with some 200,000 in Japan, 130,000 in the USA(a number of users in this figure also included isp addresses allocated to state and federal network computers! oops that is federal felony jailable offence boys!!!), 44,000 in the UK, 27,000 in The Netherlands and Spain, and approximately 8,000 in Australia downunder! This would indicate, the number of infectious SONY cd’s on issue, are far greater in number, than that which is claimed by NEW YORK HQ. Interestingly both here in Australia and New Zealand, SONY BMG, have on front web page an official disclaimer it weren’t us that sold these diseased cd’s!!!(Trades practice act permits parallel importation). Meanwhile back in New York HQ, the information is buried deep!, and no mention of the higher Japanese windoze infection rate. Me, I hope SONY BMG is buried on the consumer front(6 plus class action law suits plus total consumer boycott!), FTC gets of its backside for the defence of all consumers and acts under it’s charter(*false fictious misleading advertising 4.7 million counts, supply of illegal copyright & copyleft software without user permission on audio cd’s etc),an attack from the redoubtable Eliot Spitzer with 568,000 charges of illegal felony trespass on private and personal property, LGPL legal action over the illegal use of open source copyleft software for profit(billing artists for user fees from royalty charges due, without disclosure some 4.7 million cases, class action law suits for supply of windows file cloaking software for use by virii/trojan/phisher for current and future , to cover disinfection and cleaning costs and finally a class action law suit from the recording artists, if forced to compensate for replacement cd’s if charges are levied against royalty payments! This a true PR disaster for SONY, and whilst they did it to themselves, I find it very strange over the lack of news on the Japanese front! Looks like SONY have totally lost FACE on all fronts(a key important asset in the far east!). The perpetrators deserved to be jailed for a minimum 20 to 30 years hard time for these felonies, and for total breach of all criminal and business ethics laws, for this fiasco!, in every civilised country in the world. Let the death of SONY, by a hundred million cuts continue(looks like the hamfisted contract specialist lawyers at SONY central New York are gonna be outmanned and out gunned, in this gunfight, they started) Oh well, ask for what you get, and get what you ask for!:r

I own the first two on the list, and a couple others with SunComm MediaMax… But as long as they never autoplay, I don’t care.

Oh well Sony think always big dogs…:stuck_out_tongue:

Gee I just checked, Im not a music freek but every title is sitting on various P2P networks as we speak. So much for rootkits

All I can say “AH HA” :B

Of course most of this stuff is already available on other networks, no surprise there…

What I want to know is who else first 4 internet licensed this wonderful rootkit too? Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

“who else first 4 internet licensed this wonderful rootkit too?” I doubt they will be around much longer to even worry about it. Sony ain’t looking so good either. All this and christmas shopping coming up. Can you say WOOPS three times real fast. Bigger companies then these have been taken out. Tip of iceburg? you got that right. The laywers have not even started second gear yet. :B