Sony officially announces PSP Go

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During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Sony officially introduced the PSP Go – the newest, smallest version of the PlayStation Portable handheld gaming unit. Details of…

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Considering the price is $80 more expensive than the DSi, I don’t see it competing. I also see this product as the red-headed step-child of Sony. This isn’t the PSP 2. It’s just an interim between. They will still sell the original PSP and UMD Games. If they wanted to compete with this product, they would have at least made the price the same as Nintendo’s.

I’m getting one. The price is fine if it carries at least a 2 gig mem card as well with the 16 gig interal memory.

its not there to compete with the DSi, its pretty pointless to try seeing as everyone and their dogs got a DS!

I think they can only really push the multimedia functions of the PSP, i mean theres hardly any games for it is there?

anyone else think its butt ugly with the slidey bit at the bottom?

got the original PSP, but lent it to my father in law, coz i just don’t bother with it, unless i want to watch a converted DVD (divx)off the PS3!

If Sony wants to keep PSP afloat they should be more supportive of the homebrew community, since it’s pretty much the only thing that’s kept the PSP limping along.

ur obviously a sony basher, 360 owner prehaps?

Honestly steveo119, the homebrew ordeal carries a lot of weight as I have a PSP 1000 and it has homebrew on it which makes it more enticing in my personal opinion. I also have the PSP 2000 and was going to get the 3000 due to skype but now holding off for the PSP Go as it too will have skype if I remember right. A camera on it would be nice and if the new upcoming IPOD Touch has a camera in it at least 2 mega pixals I’d get a new one of those as well. I am a hardware junkie what can I say :slight_smile: