Sony NN3 BD-R



Hi all,

I have been trying different MID-codes of BD-R and since got my 209DBK back from maintainance wanted to find some original Sony BD-R ones MID: SONY-NN3.

Now I have been reading on this forum that these original ones manufacturing were ended quite some time ago. I did not find information what year that it was 2011, 2012?

I saw on Amazon there is available some Sony BD-R tittled edition 2011 and 2012. I wonder if both of those are SONY-NN3?


I could also ask this way, is there a high chance that I would end up with a very expensive batch of RITEK-BR3 if I would be ordering that kind of old stock?
Mostly I am after people’s experience of lately and if I am being way too optimistic thinking that there is even chance of the good stuff being sold still :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, noone can tell for sure. But I’d seriously doubt they still have such old media available at amazon, so most likely you’ll end up with RiCrap.
But there’s just one way to be sure… :wink:


This is what I am afraid as well. Thank you for your help.