Sony NEC Optiarc right back at the top again

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Our Device Coordinator and Senior Reviewer Wendy Collins has written in the following complete news submit:For the last couple of years, NEC (now Sony NEC Optiarc) have produced DVD burners, probably…

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Is there some sinister copy protection/content protection/copy prevention or some similar shitty end-user rights circumvention mechanism built into these drives. It will probably prevent you from burning .avi or .mp3 movies to your discs. Worse, they might prevent you from backing up your Audio CDs or DVDs. I am never gonna buy anything that has anything to do with SONY.

this drive is superb, it burns all types of files i n super quick time nec have a drive to rival the best, at last!

sounds great except it has sony’s name on it. no thanks!

I’ll buy DRM products. But only if it’s NOT from Sony.

There is no DRM in this drive, or any other Optiarc drive. The suggestion that its there, is ill informed. The drives are manufactured by NEC and as far as we know, are also designed by NEC. There is certainly no DRM involved.

Dee, it is true that all of the new Optiarc DVD drives going forward will be rebadged Lite-Ons? And will you and Liggy continue your work on the Lite-On rebadges?

The latest Optiarc drives (7200, 7203) are based on a NEC chipset again, so no LiteOn here and no need to worry about us working on the drives. :wink:

"Posted by A_Moron_Fanboy (guest) on Thursday 20 December 2007 16:22 I’ll buy DRM products. But only if it’s NOT from Sony. " I hope you are joking. I mean if its crap it Will stink, no matter the origin :B

“…it Will stink, no matter the origin :B” I agree 1000% but there are some people who come here who genuinely WILL buy DRM junk from anyone other than Sony. One will be along shortly.

I can’t really see that NEC have turned the corner. Since the 3520 things haven’t been upto the competition. Liggy & Dee’s f/w the saving grace! When it was 1st released that Lite-On would be involved in the production of NEC drives. It was stated that this was not to include the Sony/NEC Optiarc range. A year later & this has not been adhered to. The Lite-On clones are more expensive than the Lite-On’s. With performance, as expected. Identical !!! Are the other Optiarcs really going to be Lite-On free? As for writing quality the NEC isn’t as consistant as the Pioneer 112/212. Particularly when it comes to Dual Layer. Nor is it as quiet or as smooth in its operation.

The 5200/7200 and 7203 drives are definitely no Lite-On clones. We cannot say what future drives will bring, but that’s probably the case for all manufacturers.

Hi, Sorry didn’t make it clear. By Lite-On free. I mean’t even with NEC chipset, will the Optiarc still be free from Lite-On production. As this would, in my opinion affect reliability/quality etc. Sales will no doubt make the decision as to whether NEC as such survives. Let’s hyope so. For Pioneer owner’s too. :X
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