Sony NEC Optiarc DRU-190A

Anyone have info?

I believe the DRU-190A is Sony, and the same unit in Sony NEC Optiarc is the AD-7190A. Either way, it’s a cross branded Lite-On DH-20A3P.

So the Sony isnt a real NEC, its a Liteon?

The information has been posted before, please search.

I already searched Sony-section here, no thread found

[quote=Wischmop;1967330]So the Sony isnt a real NEC, its a Liteon?[/quote]See here (instructions for cross flashing the Sony DRU-190A to Lite-On 20A3P) and here (Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7190S on sale, which is the SATA version of the Lite-On 20A3P).

There are only a few companies that actually manufacture DVD burners. Some well-known brands such as Sony often put their names on drives made by other companies.