Sony NEC Optiarc AWG170S-B2 problem?

I’m a n00b at this so bare with me. I just bought this drive after having problems with a Plextor 716-A, it got pretty good reviews on new egg so I though it was a good drive. However, I’m still getting some errors. The media I’m using is TYG02, and it is genuine I’ve double checked. I’m burning with nero and I keep getting errors in the same spot on each disc. I’ve tried different types of data and even some crappy Memorex media. They all spike at the same points on each disk, right around the 0.75 mark and right before the 2.0 mark.

What should I do? Should I return this drive and get another one? If so which type of drive? I just want something to work because at this point I’ve gone through two drives and about 50+ test burns.