Sony Nec Optiarc AD5540A dvd/cd RWriter problem

Hi guys,
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Remembered the description in topic thing…
I have a fujitsu siemens lifebook E 7010 laptop/notebook.
Running Win xp sp2.
I have just got a Sony Nec Optiarc AD-5540A dvd/cd rewritable drive to replace the old cd-rom that came with it.
Now my lifebook (bios) sees it as " !!! opuiasc 5541 !!! "(with exclaimation marks);Windows reports the same.
The drive is powered and present but will not read any type of disc.
I updated the bios from 1.06 to 1.28 and still the same problem.
I even removed the cmos battery in the hope factory reset would help but to no avail.
Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated…
Thank you.
P.S. Tried Liggy`s tools got the dreaded error message

Are you sure that it is connected properly? Such weird strings are usually occuring when the drive is connected improperly (loose cable, defective cable…) or the drive had a bad firmware flash before (master/slave firmware??).

Thank you for your reply…
Yes, all is well in that department ( I think) After numerous attempts I decided to put the old cd-rom back in, Now getting the same problem with that( thinking it was a xp problem) I suspect it was set at the factory, But I can`t use the recovery disk because neither will work.bought a external ( usb ) but will not work until I get into windows environment…so frustrating.

Perhaps your Optiarc drive has the wrong Master/Slave setting?

There are some tools for changing between Master and Slave mode on Liggy & Dee’s 5540 page that you may want to look at. I have no experience with changing the Master/Slave setting of Optiarc laptop drives, so I can’t help you further than pointing you in that direction.

Guys, You are the best !!!
Evil was right,I had to really force the drive in to seat it properly…Clever fellow!!

Thank you Drage, That would have been my next move…

sorry for my whining post But 11 hours is a long time…

8 hours is a long time to work each day as well, but most of the staff and members have to do that each day. :wink:
Anyway. Welcome to the forum and i’m glad you got your NEC drive working. :flower:

I agree Dee.
I work from home repairing pcs and whatnot. I have been up 24 hours now(not unusual for me) But I like to get things done as quickly as possible in the shortest time.Customers demand it for monetary reasons. I just want to point out that until I started moaning nothing was happening. Again I thank all who helped me. I assumed it was a fault on the drive But it was not. We are always told to handle electrical goods with great care,So I was surprised, That when I forced the drive it worked... Whod have thought it?.

In this case your customers (or maybe you) should think about buying manufacturer support with guaranteed response time.