Sony/NEC Optiarc AD-7191s



Hey all,

I have the above mentioned drive. Earlier I attempted to patch the firmware from version 1.01 to 1.02 using the official patcher from Sony/NEC.

Following the flash the drive reports its version number as β€˜0ph5’, it will not open the tray, and generally doesnt work.

I followed all the typical steps such as flashing from Safe Mode, et al.

I cant seem to find any help (That isnt in Russian) on this. Please Help. :slight_smile:

P.S. While the official 1.02 flasher still sees my drive (As version β€˜0ph5’) and is willing to reflash, the 1.01 flasher doesnt recognize it at all.


Sony/NEC has an official patcher? :eek: What does the patcher allow you to do, and what did you try to do?

Just to remind anyone: This drive is based on a LiteOn-rebadge. It has to be treated as such.

I think some people managed to re-flash a SATA LiteOn, but I don’t know how.


That’s interesting. The name Sony/NEC Optiarc would make me think it was a NEC made Sony drive. I read a post where a user reflashed his SATA LiteOn drive with original firmware to fix a no burn problem, i.e. the drive still read disks but had stopped burning them. He simply used the normal flash procedure to reflash.