SONY NEC Optiarc AD-7170 S-ATA Firmware 1.01

I got the this new drive with v1.0 and found the new firmware on the web site. Now I need it to Bitsetting.

Please help Liggy or Dee!

Download from official website

My vacation will start in 3 weeks. Unfortunately I will still have lots of stress at work until then - including the weekends. Maybe I can find some time to work on this firmware before my vacation, but don’t count on it.

Thank You!

No hurry. Take all the time you need.

I have this drive on my new Dell. The firmware version is 101B. Can I upgrade the firmware with this model? Will bitsetting be available with this drive? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Newly patched S-ATA firmwares are out now.

Please dump your old firmware first and upload it to me. But flashing with a different firmware shouldn’t be a problem.

I am not able to dump the firmware as a message states dumping my drive’s firmware is not yet supported. It asks if I want to write a drive information file instead. I uploaded this file to you.

I tried to flash the drive, but I receive a message stating error accessing firmware file.

The firmware on the drive is 101B. Any help would be appreciated. I was able to flash my other two NEC drives without any problems.

According to your identification file, it seems to be a 5170S drive like any other. Maybe your SATA controller or SATA driver does not forward all required commands to the drive. Unfortunately I have no idea how this could be fixed.

The “error accessing firmware file” message must have a different reason though.

Thanks for the reply. The bitsetting feature is very important to me. If this one cannot be flashed, I would likely purchase another drive. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.


I pretty much feel like a fool. I burned a Taiyo Yuden DVD+R and it automatically set the booktype to DVD-ROM. :cool: I verified this with DVDInfo Pro. Maybe the B on 101B stands for booktype?

I just assumed the drive did not have the bitsetting feature. I apologize for my ignorance. :o

Nope. That’s just Dell’s internal numbering of firmware versions. They automatically set the booktype to DVD-ROM for all + media.

I had no idea Dell did that. Thanks for the information.

Liggy - Much thanks. I just got my drive installed. Out of curiosity, to flash the firmware, do I need to boot into Windows Safe Mode like with the AD-7170A?

Hi :slight_smile:
Well as usual I can’t download this f/w.
6 differnt setups & still no joy. :Z

There is a new firmware 1.02 just out today.

Thanks Liggy!

Answering my own question. Apparently the non-DMA mode flashing is only required for the AD-7170A, not with the AD-7170S.

Also the AD-7170A has been updated to 1.04 for those interested.

I already downloaded 9 firmwares that were not on our site yesterday. Need some time to work on all the patches. RPC1 for 3 firmwares is finished, 6 more to follow. Once these patches are all finished, I’m gonna upload them. Bitsetting will hopefully follow soon. Maybe I’ll even wait until the bitsetting patches are finished too.

I guess I already passed the point where I need more time to add firmwares to the database and write the accompanying readme file and this stuff than I need for actually patching a firmware. :doh:

Hey Liggy, have a break and a Kitkat :wink:

Could someone check the maximum write speed available for MKM 003 disks with the new firmwares ?

Still 8x