SONY-NEC Optiarc AD-7137A [DVDR18x/RAM12x]

DVD-R/+R 18x

Sale in the beginning of August.

Official price (actually, Market price will become cheap a little more)

ATAPI internal model - (JPY)9765 (about 84 USD)
USB2.0 External model - (JPY)14290 (about 123 USD)
USB/IEEE1394 External model - (JPY)16485 (about 142 USD)

Seems to look a bit different from previous NEC drives, but since it contains a Labelflash sticker on the bezel, chances are that it’s mainly a NEC product with not too many things changed from previous drives.

Following the links it is also the I-O Data drive DVR-AN18GL (and so a NEC product which Liggy already mentioned).

new logo sticker “SONY-NEC Optiarc”

for new batch NEC 4571A

still made in Malaysia?

Nice find thia@9 and yangxi.
The new 7137A drive should be using the new MC-10041 LSI chipset and possibly new optics.

maybe a new and better f/w for the 457x series???

YSS in Japan has started testing the I-O DATA version of this new OPTIARC burner:
NEC AD-7173A
[under Windows: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A]

Reading the sticker published by YSS here:
I noticed that this burner [B]is still manufactured in Malaysia [/B]
like the former NEC burners ND-3500 to ND-4771
and seems to have nothing to do with a Lite-on …

The chipset used is [B]NEC[/B]china MC-10041

Or maybe an improoved revision of the hardware with the 0.4 - 0.75GB issue fixed