Sony Nec Optiarc 7170 for $28.99 free shipping at NewEgg

Isn’t that a real mouthful? (“Sony Nec Optiarc”)

Is anyone still buying Nec burners? Are they still giving spikes on the quality scans?

nice price, but this drive doesn’t make a lot of noise in this forum

Picked up an Emprex rebadge and it is actually very decent from a few burns. Can’t go wrong for $25 AR. :slight_smile: It works well off the Silicon Image 680A controller at UDMA-4 rate. With the latest firmware of 1.04, I don’t recall seeing any spikes from the scans.

Another real let down, I’ve had NEC 3520’s and 3550’s and these Optiarc AD-7170A
are nowhere near those in quality or quietness.
I got rid of mine in just a few weeks and went back to my BenQ

Wow, no love for the 7170A…have had nothing but success with it, since it first shipped in the US & esp since the last 2 firmware updates on Liggy & Dee’s website.

The ONLY media I’ve had problems with is Taiyo Yuden’s TYG03, but then again, Pioneer is in the same boat with TYG03’s.