Sony nec optiarc 20x dvdrw sata black

I could not get a hold of the pioneer 215. A little background is I am building a duplicator with a wytron 899 controller, will I have a problem with this card because it doesn’t come with a manual(This is my first time building a duplicator). I just bought this sony nec optiarc 20x drive, is this a good drive. Last thing is what kind of blank dvd’s are the best and where can I buy them in bulk.

The Optiarc drives, especially the 72xx series, are getting some good user reviews around here. So I’d say you are safe with this drive.

Might want to do a little Googling for a manual on the controller…beyond my experience I’m afraid.

What kind of dvds are you looking for? Printable? Dual layer? Plain old single layer? The two most recommended types around here are Verbatim 16x and Taiyo Yuden 8x +R. You can find them at or Those are single layer dvds.

If you are buying dual layer, the only ones that we recommend are Verbatim.

I don’t know the difference between a dual or a single or anything. I am trying to backup my dvd’s and cd’s and I want to be able to watch them on a regular dvd or cd player. please explain the differences in media.

How DVD’s Work