Sony Music to test-launch DualDisc DVD/CD hybrids in UK



I just posted the article Sony Music to test-launch DualDisc DVD/CD hybrids in UK.

Last month the DVD Forum
approved the hybrid DualDisc CD/DVD format. GristyMcFisty reports us
that Sony is already experimenting with this new format in America and they’re

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I have said this before on this subject they should include both a DVD audio disc and a CD disc. Must be much cheaper than producing a danged “dual-disc” and allows those who want to listen in “portable” devices to use the CD and leave the DVD at home for use in the home audio equipment. It also solves the problem of having to shrink the labels down to the size of the center ring, as these discs are much smaller than LP’s and will be harder to read than labels on LP’s because of that. Lots of games (and other software) come in dual CD cases that are no larger than the normal full sized CD case. I don’t see a problem with doing the two disc thing in either packaging, price or convenience. Afterall, those of us with DVD/CD RW drives will break up the set into two separate discs with our backups, who does it hurt to do that from the beginning? Just another excuse for $ony to raise the prices on their products.:frowning:


Niche with a capital N. They can do all the market research they want, unless they are offering us more for the same price, nobody will be bitin’. They certainly don’t wanna wear the added costs to produce these discs over regular CDs. They probably offset some of that with reduced printing costs on the disc (ha!), but not enough :g We’ll heartily chuckle at their attempts at this disc in a few years, assuming the public even knows what one is by then…