Sony MiniDisc Problems...Recording/Transferring

I record the shows of my band through Sony minidisc (ATRAC mode), and I am not able to transfer the files back onto my computer with Sonic Stage or NetMD. Does anyone know how to or if there is a program to download that gets through sony’s copywrite crap. PLEASE HELP.


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No, it has been a bitter dispute ever since netmd started. There aree huge pertitions out there!!!

At the moment the only way would be to do a manual record through your soundcard’s line-in port.

Hi, im new here and I hope its ok for me to resurrect an old thread.

I have been trying desperately to transfer a recording from minidisc to PC with no luck. I downloaded the free software ‘Audacity’ and bought a stereo ‘jack to jack’, hooked it up to my soundcard line in and minidisc line out… set the option on Audacity to line in… and I get no audio at all. I can’t seem to get the minidisc playing through my PC at all, no matter what option I select (all volume settings are up). My soundcard must be ok, as I can play CDs etc…

Can anyone offer any help. Im not completely computer literate, so excuse me if I get confused. I only joined to get help with this issue… its driving me crazy. Help please! I can’t see what i’m doing wrong!

Have you tried any other recording software?
If you pluged it into the computers microphone you could even use Windows Sound Recorder to record the sound, that way you could see if it was a problem with your line-in.

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bcn - Thank you for the reply. Indeed I seem to have got it sorted now!

Many thanks for the help. I appreciate it!

like bcn said, get your hands on a minijack-to-minijack cable (headphone jack on both ends) and plug it into the “line-in” or “aux” input of your soundcard/motherboard.

there are several excellent free programs you can use to capture the input directly to mp3 including Audacity ( and dbPowerAmp (

my minidisc player doesn’t get used anymore but it’s a great model from 1998: