Sony MIJ +R Media 75pack $29.99 at Sams



I was at Sams club today and they have a package of 75 Sony MIJ media for
$29.99 which are TY TO2’s. I only saw the +R’s but thats all I use. These discs actually seem to burn a bit better than than the Fuji TO2’s that I get from Best Buy. The 75 pack is a 50 pack and a 25 pack shrink wrapped together and I saw
2 full skids of these that all appeared to be MIJ.


The ones I saw at my Sams were a 50 pack of MIJ’s and a 25 pack of TIJ’s bundled together


They were both MIJ here in West Allis WI. but I am sure it varies from one location to
another. If you buy these discs I would double check to make sure both packs are MIJ
or its really not a good deal if one pack is MIT.


well really $30 for 75 is 40 for 100 so not really that good of a deal…


But its on par with all the Best Buy sales at $9.99 for a 25pack. I guess it really is a preference over media more than anything. I usually try to burn my stuff exclusively on
TY TO2’s and save the real cheapies for throw away purposes.


Sadly I think all of the Sony +R at my local Sam’s are MIT. I guess SONYD11 isn’t bad media (I’ve never tried it myself) but I’d rather have YUDEN000T02 obviously.


You don’t want SonyD11 - lots of playback problems with standalone players with that media even tho cdspeed scans are 93-95%. :frowning:

Just got a box of 50 MIJ Sony +R at CompUSA for $19.95 - they are YUDEN000T02.


GOt my Sony Yuden 02’s at Staples. Used their 12% off deal, got 50 pk for 18.70 after tax. First burn…WOW…only 13 total PIF’s at 8x on my 1620. LOL 13 total failures!!!


Also if there are no Sony MIJ at your local Comp USA or Best Buy do a price match at Walmart. My local Walmart has plenty of MIJ Sony’s and they have price matched for me
in the past.


Was just at Walmart in my area - All MIT discs. :frowning:


Staples has 50 sony +R for $19.99, no membership required, make sure to look for MIJ


Yes. Use their customer appreciaton card. U can download it on the web. Tommorrow is LAST DAY. Its 12% off. Price is 17.54 for 50Pk. Look for the white spacer on the +R’s. White spacer = MIJ. My first burn with these discs was incredible. Total of 13 PIF’s. Much better quality than the Fuji TY’s.


Is the country of origin printed on the package? If not, are they in different styled cakeboxes?


The country of origing is printed on the package. Another way to figure out the MIJ +R TY’s is the cakebox will have WHITE spacers. The MIT have GREY spacers.


all the ones i looked at in sam’s were 50 ty and 25 MIT


Thanks guys, the reason I was asking is I was going to get some of the Sony 25pk DVD+Rs from Target when they go on sale Sunday, and I wanted to be able to tell if they were MIT or MIJ.


you will not miss it. It says clearly where it is made in. But if it made in Tawain, it is not that bad because you get sony01d11, burnt at 16X on some drives and very decent quality. But of course no match more made in Japan


Right on. :iagree:


I don’t know if what I found is NEW delivery, or what… however I just purchased a 75 pack of Sony MIJ (Yuden T002) DVD+R for $25 in southeast Michigan (ypsilanti). Now I thought for sure I had looked at these previously and found them to be MIT, so I was surprized when I found these. Perticularly since I have been unable to find ANY other local source of Taiyo Yuden media…

The first burn on the 25 pack was close to flawless, however the first burn on the 50 pack had a couple small PIF groupings that make them a tiny bit worse then perfection in my mind, but all in all the ones I got are acceptable.


Thing is that after factoring in tax, it isn’t much cheaper than regular unbranded TY from