Sony MemoryStick

Well, I bought a Sony DSC-F717 about 15 months ago. Though I knew MemoryStick was more expensive than CF, I didn’t care much at that time. And now Sony lowers the prices of their MemoryStick series products.

Sony lowers price of Memory Sticks

By Richard Shim
Staff Writer, CNET

Story last modified July 19, 2004, 10:43 AM PDT

Sony Electronics announced price cuts on Monday for its Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Pro Duo cards. The cards are part of Sony’s line of removable flash memory cards. The Pro versions can be used with a range of consumer electronics devices–from PCs and televisions to digital cameras–while the Duo models are meant for more portable devices such as cell phones.

The 512MB Memory Stick Pro card was reduced from $220 to $180 and the 256MB card went from $100 to $90. The Duo cards fell from $300 for the 512MB card to $250, and the 256MB version went from $105 to $95.

They are kidding. 512MB Pro for $180 and Duo for $250 when 512MB CF card is availabe for $67.

PNY 1GB CF is available for as low as $131.51.

2GB CF for the price of one Duo. :slight_smile:

my sony digital camera (DSC-51) accept max 128 MemStick, which is currently installed…

the camera of my friend uses CF, which is larger in size but cheaper…

those many standards :frowning:

You can get 512MB CF for half of what you mentioned, after MIR.

Actually, I paid over US$110 for a 256MB MS Pro but I knew Sony’s expensive. :frowning: