Sony memory stick pro duo magic gate mark 2

Hi all,

I need major help, I bought a Sony Memory stck pro duo magic gate 16GB mark 2 and when I got it I tried in my camera, as the camera could not format it I formated it in my PC and all went well, I inserted it back in to the camera and could still not read it, in the end wille I was formating the card I cancelled the format as I tought that I had found the solution for it. Since I stopped the format the card is not recognised by any PC and the camera wont read it or format it.:confused:

I have made thousands of searches and I found that there are some people with similar problems but no one seems to have a solution.:sad:

Please help:sad:

What make and model camera are you using?

Some maybe won´t support 16 GB…just an idea to look into

Sorry for the dealy and thank you for the post.

I have a Sony Cybershot T900, I can confirm to you that it supports the 16GB.

Also it does not seem correct that my PC’s at home cannot detect it nor the PC from work.

Any Ideas?

Thank you,