Sony Media on Sale At CompUSA Is TY



The 50 pack of Sony +R DVD media at CompUSA is TY for anybody that is looking for TO2’s. They were marked MIJ but they were not packaged in the
usual TY cakebox. They were $19.99 each. Not a bad deal, the same as the usual deal on the Fuji’s at Best Buy.


I was about to ask the forum if anyone knew what they were.

I bought Sony DVD+R last fall at compUSA and they were TY T02.

Should I get this 50 pack or the 25 pack of TDK at best buy?


The TDK’s at the Best Buy here in Brookfield WI were all MIT, thats why I went to


I was about to go to that SAME Best Buy :slight_smile:

I am in Watertown, I usually also stop at the new Delefield store and I never see MIJ TDK or Sony


Are the TY at CompUSA marked MIJ? Can you read the batch number on the top of the spindle, TG000xxxx?

What batch were they?


Some people believe Sony +R TY T02 is better than the Fuji one. I’m not sure if it’s true but anyway it is a good choice. My Sony T02 from Staples were excellent.

  1. Not all Sony +R are TY. In fact, for the Staples deal, I saw mostly MIT spindles. MIJ were very rare. I don’t know much about CompUsa Sony. But just make sure where it is made before you buy it.

  2. As mentioned, the cakebox for MIT and MIJ spindles are the same. You must read the label to check where it is made.

  3. If you prefer -R then go for TDK. (Sony -R is not TY even if it is MIJ.)


I could not read the batch # at the store but once I opened them at home they were 1158’s


The last Fuji TY’s I got from BB were 1158’s , VERY GOOD batch


1158 is one of the better hub #s right now, so you lucked out. Post a scan if you can, will ya?


What is the speed of these disks?


They are 8x. I have never posted a scan, How does one go about it?


They are only rated at 8x, but they will burn at up to 16x; I burn them at 12x, as 16x produces undesirable scans. 12x produces the same [rather excellent] results as 8x on my BenQ 1620.


You need a burner that supports PIE/PIF scanning w/ either CD-DVD Speed, K-Probe2 or software provided by the manufacturer (i.e. for Plex drives). Look around / search the media & recording hardware forums.


I know how to scan but I have never posted a scan. I just scanned one with Nero and
got a 93 quality score. I also scanned the same disc with KProbe2.4.2 and PI max was
18 with a average of 1.74 and PIF was a max of 4 with an average of .37 I do my burning
with a Digitalmax which was flashed over to a 1633 with LED fixed firmware BS41. I also have a 411 flashed over to a 811 but the 1633 seems to burn better.


93 is quite low for TY media, make sure you’re not burning at 16x. Use the attach file feature to post.


CompUSA here only had DVD+R MIT and DVD-R MIJ with lot number begining with DRM or DMR? Probally Sony Mfg?


went and bought some sony and the mfg says sony08d1…are these any good?


SONYD11 (+R) and SONY08D1 (-R).


Should be good even though they are not TY:

I bought some +R today and they were SonyD11. I did not buy the -Rs they had a hub code Starting with DMR.

Anyone else buy these?


my sony and fuji Tys are all 1133, are they any good?