Sony may thwart PS3 root key hack with Blu-ray serial keys

Sony may thwart PS3 root key hack with Blu-ray serial keys.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Since the Fail0verflow team and George “GeoHot” Hotz released information on Sony’s PS3 root key that would allow users to install an alternate OS on their consoles, some have said that the only way that the company could combat the hack is to release an entirely new console. Now, however, rumors have surfaced that Sony has indeed come up with a security solution for existing PS3 consoles.

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Sometimes combatting piracy creates a negative experience for your paying customers. In this case I think it will. Microsoft’s DVD drives have been opened up to hacking for years, but were never dumb enough to do this.

I’d hate to have to enter a serial # to play a video game. I think they tried that on pc games in the 90s. It didn’t work well there either (most of the time it got cracked anyways, making it suck for paying customers, but painless for the pirates)

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are doing this more to stop second hand game sales and game CD sharing/exchanging than the root key attack.

For example, when I was at college when the PS1 was still going strong, students regularly exchanged games with each other. However, if the game is locked down, this this will kill off this type of game swapping. Also, I’m sure this would kill off second hand games, since there is no way to tell for certain how many activations a used game has gone through and you could end up buying a used game that cannot be activated.

Yet another highlight of DRM going out of hand.

I never thought of that, but yah, its like DLC or trying to sell digital content with DRM. This is another way to try and kill the secondary market (not to mention the entire game rental market??).

I think this would backfire on Sony big time. I’m not sure what they’re thinking. They’ve already lost ground to Microsoft on the current gen of consoles.

Microsoft could of done the same thing when the 360 got hacked, but they don’t. Microsoft probably understands software a little better though.

Well, I guess PS3 users will soon get the same draconian protection systems PC users have to deal with (remember SecuROM PA activation ?)
I guess this new DRM will be more of a hassle to legitimate users, not hackers.

I personally own both the ps3 and a 360, personally I prefer the ps3. If they pull this I would simply STOP buying their new games and focus on the 360. They would shoot themselves in the foot If we all banded together and cut their revenue. Like I was saying, it wouldn’t be worth all the hassle. I’d be happy with my ps3 as a powerful homebrew mutlimedia personal computer :wink:

I’ve got 1 response the will stop this and that’s Blockbuster

[QUOTE=maxrealtor;2570993]I’ve got 1 response the will stop this and that’s Blockbuster[/QUOTE]
You mean the corporation that just filed bankruptcy and is on the way to going out of business completely? If so, I doubt it, they don’t have much clout or influence in the industry nowadays.

BTW, as a PS3 owner, I would be very pissed off if they implemented serial codes/keys for games.

the ps3 would lose masses of support if they went with this idea. Now is not the time for Sony to be making rash decisions.

Not implementing serial keys for games… The serial is somehow written to the physical media … and then the game is activated (upto) 5 times max, by signing in on PSN. It probably won’t affect most original purchasers… Unless they lend it to 4 friends, and then their console breaks down & they can’t reinstall it.
The biggest problem with activation is … What happens next year if SCE goes down the tubes , or more likely, just decides it’s a legacy game & discard activation support of the game?